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Ten things you should know about Kira, the crafty gal behind tenacious little monkey:
1.   It is said she is a bit obsessed with her very adorable cat, Oscar. She admits this may be true.
      Meet Oscar.
2.   She has been told she has buttery skin, but she never moisturizes, even though she knows she should.
3.   Ask her and she’ll tell you that a lazy day spent in the park is a day well spent.
4.   She’s been a doodler all her life. She picked this up from watching her mom, also an avid doodler.
5.   The view of the San Francisco bay still takes her breath away, even after 8 years of living right by it.
6.   She loves the ocean and has fond memories of diving through the waves on her father’s back.
7.   Her Grandma Dotty was a card shark who passed along her wisdom. Kira is studying to become a
      professional poker player, and enjoys a rousing game of gin on the side. She has a take no prisoners
      approach to the game.
8.   She aspires to do what she loves and love what she does.
9.   She believes that the beautiful things in life are what make it worth living.
10. She hopes to spread some happiness.